Cervélo Launches Revolutionary Rca Frameset
Hand-made in Project California frameset integrates category-defining light weight, stiffness, and ride quality
with S-series aerodynamics
Toronto, ON – 14 March 2013 - Cervélo, the cycling world’s engineering leader, today announced the launch of
the Rca frameset. Building on the legendary R5ca, the Rca makes the lightest even lighter (667g average weight
for 54cm with paint and small parts) while maintaining optimal stiffness. The Rca also introduces Squoval 3™
tube shapes, drawing on aerodynamic lessons learned with the category-leading Cervélo S-series, as well as
future-proof internal cable routing. The Cervélo Rca frameset is available now for RRP 8.800€ in a limited edition
run of 325.
“The Rca showcases the best of Cervélo’s knowledge, testing, and industry-leading engineering processes,” said
co-founder and CEO Phil White. “We are always proud to introduce a new Cervélo, but given its no-holds barred,
best-of-the-best nature, launching a new Project California bike is particularly special. The new Rca further
solidifies our leadership in innovating faster, stiffer, lighter, and stronger bikes.”
Using their Concurrent Aero & Structural Engineering (CASE) approach, Cervélo brought their Toronto and
California teams together in a cross-disciplinary process with the goal to maximize the structural and
aerodynamic performance of the final design. Utilizing in-house F1 engineering design tools - (CAD, FEA, CFD),
Cervélo was able to virtually test all aspects of frame performance. The Rca also features the cycling-world
debut of new technologies such as 3M™ Powerlux™ Composite, which allows reduced weight for equal strength,
and Integran/PowerMetal Nanovate™, enabling a safe, secure fork with the unbelievable weight of 300g with an
uncut steerer.
The results are astounding:
 667g average weight for 54cm frame with paint and small parts
 Stiffness equivalent to R5ca
 Aerodynamic savings of 7.4 watts over the current R-series (over 100 kilojoules over a 5-hour stage) and
up to 10.2 watts less drag than typical road bikes
All of this is achieved without sacrificing the legendary ride quality of the R5ca, a bike as renowned for its lively,
comfortable ride as for its phenomenal low weight. Using the ComfortPly™ technology also developed as part of
Project California, which removes unnecessary fibres to reduce vibration and improve ride quality, the Rca is a
lightweight bike for heavy roads.
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About Cervélo:
Cervélo Cycles was created in 1995 when two engineers, Phil White and Gérard Vroomen, decided to market their work developing the fastest possible time trial bikes. Today, Cervélo is recognized internationally as one of the most innovative bike manufacturers: a company with more engineers than bike models. Cervélo partners with one of the top pro road cycling teams, Team Garmin-Sharp, and the world’s most established and successful triathlon team, teamTBB.
Cervélo has been ridden to victory at the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, the Ironman World Championships, and numerous other national and international races. Readers of VeloNews, CycleSport, and Slowtwitch (all publications for serious cyclists and triathletes) voted Cervélo as the #1 brand they intend to purchase. Cervélo has won awards from Bicycling Magazine, Triathlon Business International, and Men’s Journal, among many others. For further information visit

Cervélo RCA: Uncompromised Engineering Redefined
Models: Available from Cervélo as frameset only
Recommended Retail Price (RRP): $10,000
Sizes: 48 – 61
First Ship Date: March 18, 2013
RCA by the Numbers:
• Average 667 grams, size 54 frame with paint and hardware
• 7.4 watts less aero drag vs. Cervélo R5ca (10.2 watts vs. typical road bicycles)
• 279 finite element analyses (FEA)
• 93 iterative frame shapes
Key Material and Design Innovations:
Integran/PowerMetal Nanovate™
• Coated fork steerer has increased yield strength and higher ductility
• Premier application of nano-nickel resulting in a tougher fork without added weight
3M™ Powerlux™
• First nano-resin to demonstrate real structural improvements in rigorous carbon fibre coupon testing
• Improves interlaminar shear and compression strength while maintaining light weight
Squoval 3™
• Aero leading edges (down, head and seat tubes), reoriented ellipses (lower seat stays) and tweaked
corner radii (trailing edges)
• Reduces aero drag by 75 grams compared to Squoval 2 frames without compromising stiffness or light
Hollow Carbon Fibre Dropouts
• Gives internal rear derailleur cable a straight shot through chain stay and dropout, eliminating another
source of cable friction
• 5 grams weight savings
Integrated Power Meter Magnet
• Positioned at the perfect radius from the crank axis to be sensed by popular crank-based power meters


Fina, aerodynamiska
och styva...

titta  på web-shopen!

Lite rea kvar på 2012 års modell
2013 års modeller börjar komma in nu!




Du kan få köpa en komplett cykel som  Cervélo
komponerat, se  här  eller så bygger vi efter önskemål.

Även ramkit finns, naturligtvis !

Hör gärna av Dig om Du är intresserad av en ny cykel !

























Marcello Speedy 24"

Pris: 6 995 kr










(Feb 09)
2 härliga dagar på Mallorca med så mycket information
om Cervélo, det var otroligt lärorikt !
Aerodynamik, colfiber, styvhet mm på förmiddagarna,
och "praktik" på eftermiddagarna.
En flack resa på måndagen på en RS stl 51
En bergstur på tisdagen på Olympiamålade S3:an stl 51...

Jag säger bara wow !


-24 juni har jag för första gången i mitt liv cyklat på en carbonram.
Just det, en Soloist carbon...klar dagen innan. 
stl 51 och 3-Tgaffel,
fina teamkläder och röd/vit Bell-hjälm...HED JET C2 60/60.

Vilken känsla !

Regnet hängde i luften, och det blåste rejält !
Tveksam , vill nu för tiden vara en Sunny-rider...
Jag sitter lite ovant, har haft en ombyggd linjeram sen 2002, så "vanlig" sittställning för mig känns konstigt.
Saknar mina "pinnar", känner mig långt bak..
Vid minsta tryck på pedalerna svarar hon direkt,
och när jag förstår att vi cyklar i rak motvind är jag tvungen att fråga
om det verkligen är så - känner ingenting, pärlan bara flyter på !

Helt underbart, blir sugen på att cykla fort, men håller inne med det.

Henne ska jag vara rädd om !
Kom och känn och kläm på henne !

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